How to Get Rid of the "I'm Stuck In Life, I Have No Money" Feeling

Get Rid of the "I'm Stuck In Life, I Have No Money" Feeling
Get Rid of the "I'm Stuck In Life, I Have No Money" Feeling (Image: flickr)

Are you sick of that feeling you get whenever you dream bigger? "I don't have any money to get out of this hole. I'll never have the money to get out." Not everyone will be another Donald Trump, but we can all share the excitement of chasing dreams and making a little more. And stop rolling your eyes. This is not another get-rich-quick article.

Things You'll Need

  • Plan
  • Attitude
  • Determination
  • Follow through

Stop reading silly books, attending useless seminars, and hoping that some successful guru in a $5,000 suit will give you the "key." Their success comes from selling you stuff. That is the secret right there - selling. You need to come up with something to sell.

Invest in something. Recently, I decided to invest in the stock market. But I could not afford to risk a CENT of my paycheck. So I started writing for eHow. It took a few months and lots of articles, but today I make around $30 to $40 monthly from eHow. It goes into penny stocks. My money is growing two ways. See how the switch in attitude makes a difference? I could have said, "Oh, after I pay the mortgage, there's no money left for investing."

Always keep your money growing. Don't get wild with it. Look for quick little jobs you can do and put that money somewhere safe. Walk the neighbor's dog. Open an online store. Do "stringer" work for the local news station. Write an e-book and sell it. Tutor kids. There are a million ways to make a little more money. The key is not to get too excited and then quit when the inevitable letdown comes.

Forget the socialist crap. We live in an age that is saturated with "the world owes me" ideology. Everyone has their hand out for more from the government. Everyone wants to blame Big Business or Big Oil or Big Tobacco for their problems. That's a load of junk. Walmart got to be Walmart by selling lots at low prices - and doing it smarter than the Mom 'n' Pop down the road.

Take some pride in your own ingenuity and BELIEVE in yourself. You don't need some politician telling you that you're too dumb to make it. After all, they got to Washington on a load of ambition and a lot of hard work. If they believed what they say, they'd still be in the projects with the rest of us folks.

Always give more than you get. We're so busy scraping "ours" from "theirs" that we forget we only got so much time on this earth. There is nothing that will make you happier than giving of your time, treasure, and love to someone else. Love people. You got a wife? Take her on a date and love her all over again. You got a husband? Forget the broken dryer for one evening and give him [ ] like you used to. Single? Serve people around you with your whole heart. Selfish people stay broke and miserable in their own little corner.

Be realistic about life. Don't spend money you do not have. Stay away from the new car when a used one will do. You can text your boyfriend just as well from a Peek as an iPhone.

Love God. The good Lord put you where you are for a reason. When this whole world is over and done, it's going to be just you and Him anyway. He won't look at the size of your stock portfolio - or bra cup. He'll want to know what you did to love people. God measures wealth by a different ruler than we do. After all, He loved us enough to get off His throne and come die for us.

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