How to Stop Animal Testing


There are many companies that still use animals to test their products, which include chemicals, medical devices, household cleaners, makeup and drugs. Many who believe that such testing is legitimate think animal-based testing is the safest way to test products that could potentially harm humans. Those who oppose the testing believe it is unethical treatment of animals; they believe that new and improved testing techniques make animal testing unnecessary. There is a lot that one person can do to help stop animal testing, even though many corporations are already looking for new testing methods.

How to Stop Animal Testing

Start by educating yourself on what type of animal testing is done by specific companies. On the CaringConsumer website, you can find lists of companies that do animal testing and companies that don’t. Print out the lists so you know what companies to boycott, and do not buy products from them.

Support and buy products from companies that are deemed cruelty-free, and also donate to the health charities that don’t fund animal experiments. Help stop animal testing by proving that, as a consumer, you favor companies that go out of their way to be cruelty-free. Write letters of support to cruelty-free companies, and letters of protest to companies that use animal testing.

Contact medical schools to find out their policies and whether they use animals for educational studies and testing. If animals are being used, write and ask the schools to eliminate live-animal labs. Find out if there are existing petitions asking schools to stop the testing, and sign any such petitions.

Join People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to help with its efforts to stop animal testing. Once you're a member of the group, you can also sign up to be an undercover investigator and report places that are testing on animals. You can also report acts of cruelty to animals by filling out a description on the StopAnimalTests website.

Write to your representatives in Congress, and ask that only humane alternatives to animal testing be legally used by corporations. Many activist websites like PETA, and StopAnimalTests include examples of how protest letters and petitions should be written to politicians.

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