How to Avoid Heart Palpitations

Avoid Heart Palpitations
Avoid Heart Palpitations (Image: Yahoo images)

Heart palpitations are scary. Read on..

Things You'll Need

  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Lifestyle change

I have had palpitations all my life except in my case most of it was due to a birth defect. I have talked with doctors for 40 years about this condition and had many different treatments and procedures done to my own heart. Her is what I have learned..

Most people have the occasional thumps, racing of the heart, and skip beats. Typically these are harmless and short lived. They usually occur when a person is under stress or exercising. If they are more frequent than this consult a Physician immediately. It could be something than needs medical attention.

All the Cardiologist and Physicians told me the same thing. Don't smoke. If you do, stop. Nicotine increases the hearts rate. you don't need that if you are having palpitations. Avoid alcohol. Long term use can damage the heart and can result in cardiac arrhythmias. In fact my Cardiologist said alcohol was a poison to the heart.

Minimize caffeine or stop it all together. This includes sodas, chocolate, energy drinks and coffee. A good side effect is that you will sleep better.

DO NOT use any illegal drugs. Uppers, cocaine can cause serious problems for the heart rhythm. Even pot can cause problems if it is laced with something.

Take potassium if you do not eat enough fruits and vegetables which contain it. Potassium helps to regulate the heart beat.

Take magnesium if you do not eat enough green vegetables, grains, legumes and seafood. Magnesium helps to regulate the hearts electrical system. Alcoholics can be deficient in magnesium. The last time I was in the hospital the doctor told me that most Americans are magnesium deficient due to diet and lifestyle. Here's to good health!

Tips & Warnings

  • Always check with your doctor about this condition just to be sure.
  • Many medications can cause palpitations also.
  • Monitor your heart it's the only one you have.

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