How to Calm Down Before a Job Interview


A job interview is a terrifying experience for some, as they feel judged or incompetent if they are not chosen for the given position. Having a shaky voice, being tense and showing nervousness may ruin the chances for a second interview or being hired, as employers often seek confident and qualified individuals to work for the business. If you are feeling panicked or nervous before your job interview, you can calm yourself using different techniques and remind yourself that you are also interviewing the employer to see if the business is the right fit for you.

Sit in the Car

Arrive early for the interview so you have time to calm down in your car. If you have time, you can drive around the building or cruise around nearby streets.

Open the windows or turn on the air conditioning. The fresh air will awaken your senses, which is refreshing.

Turn on the stereo and listen to some comforting songs. Do not turn it up too loud, as this may cause you to feel more anxious. Sing along with the songs so your thoughts are not solely on the job interview.

Deep Breathing

Sit down on a chair with your back straight or lay down on the ground. You should avoid using the floor in the office where you are interviewing, so lay down at home and relax before you leave for the interview if you are not comfortable with sitting down with a straight back.

Inhale slowly through your nose until your lungs are filled with air. The process should take anywhere between eight and 10 seconds. Hold your breath for two or three seconds.

Release the air from your lungs slowly through your nose and mouth until your lungs feel empty. Relax for five to 10 seconds. Repeat the procedure by slowing inhaling air into your lungs once again.


Close your eyes and think of a place you find relaxing. Examples include a beach, a forest, your home or on a massage therapist's table. What works for you may not work for the next person, so choose the location you find to be the most relaxing.

Imagine that you are present at your relaxing location by conjuring specific features, smells or colors.

Breathe as you imagine different images or locations in your mind. Since the focus is on your imaginary place, you are less likely to think about the job interview.

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