How to Make Favor Boxes


Favor boxes are decorative holders, usually made of paper or cardboard to hold small trinkets or candies. Professional-looking favor boxes can be economically made at home and personalized with colored or printed paper. Colored or printed paper eliminates the need for gift-wrap and can produce an attractive display coordinating with any theme. Templates enable users to adjust the size of the favor box and easily create many boxes to suit the needs for parties and celebrations.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Colored or printed paper or cardstock
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Glue or tape
  • Optional: cardboard sheet
  • Download a template from the Print Tech Web site (see Resources below) and save the PDF file to your computer desktop.

  • Print the template on colored or printed paper or cardstock. If possible, the template can be printed on the plain (back) side of the paper for easy reading.

  • Cut out the outline of the template using scissors or a craft knife. If desired, place a sheet of cardboard under the paper to protect your work surface.

  • Identify the locations of the dotted lines, which indicate folding areas (usually connects the edges of the template). Turn the paper over and gently score the dotted lines with the tip of your scissors or craft knife by tracing the lines without cutting through the paper. Note that the Daisy Box has four diagonal score lines that fold inward; these should be scored on the back (plain) side of the paper.

  • Turn the paper over so that the printed side is facing up. Fold the sides of the box according to the scored lines so that the plain (back) faces the interior of the box.

  • Position the paper so that the word, "Glue" is at the bottom, or the word, "PrintTech" is centered. Fold the sides of the box toward the printed word and attach the short, curved tab (marked "Glue") to its opposite side using glue or tape. The angled panels designate the top and bottom of the box and the flaps with the longer, curved tabs can be inserted to close the top and bottom.

Tips & Warnings

  • For a finished look, attach the short curved tab to the inside of the box.
  • Cut out the paper template and trace on cardboard to make a sturdier template. Trace to other paper to make additional boxes without further need for a printer.
  • Enlarge or reduce the size of the image on the template to create boxes of different sizes.
  • Avoid the sharp edges of the craft knife to prevent accidental cuts.


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