How to Cure a Prostate Infection Without Antibiotics


The prostate gland is located beneath a man's bladder, and is an essential part of the male reproductive system. When an infection occurs, it can cause the prostate to become inflamed, swollen and irritated. Prostate infections, also referred to as prostatitis, primarily strike older man, and can either be bacterial or non-bacteria in nature. Symptoms of a prostate infection include painful urination, discomfort in the genital region, having an urgent need to urinate, a weakened urine stream, physical tiredness, chills and elevated fever. If you experience any of these problems regularly, see your doctor to be assessed. If you are diagnosed with a prostate infection, your doctor may want to prescribe a course of antibiotics to treat it. However, there are some other options you might want to try first.

Eat more tomatoes. They have lycopene, an important antioxidant that has proven to be quite effective against all kinds of prostate problems. Foods like tomato sauce, tomato juice and salsa should all be a part of your regular diet to help keep your prostate in top condition.

Sip some watermelon seed tea. You can make this by putting watermelon seeds in a small or medium jar and covering them with very hot water. Once they have cooled, use a colander to pour out the mixture, minus the seeds, into another jar and sip the tea throughout the day. You can also opt to eat sliced watermelon. Just like tomatoes, watermelon contains lycopene, which aids in remedying prostate concerns.

Try gokshura, also known as tribulus terrestris. This is an herb that comes from India and is often used as an Ayurvedic remedy to treat prostate concerns. You can find this in health food stores or in shops that specialize in Ayurvedic products.

Get relief from stinging nettle extract. Stinging nettle, which is an herb with origins from parts of Europe, has frequently been recommended as a source of easing prostate-related issues.

Consider trying beta-sitosterol. It can help to resolve your prostate infection and keep your prostate working properly. If you experience side effects, such as a decrease in your sex drive, nausea, diarrhea or any other unusual symptom, stop taking beta-sitosterol and contact your healthcare provider.

Increase the amount of soy foods you eat. Foods rich in soy have phytoestrogens, which work to fight prostate problems. Some examples of soy foods are miso, soy milk, soybeans, tofu, soy sauce, soy flour, tempeh and soy nuts.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always inform your doctor of any alternative remedy you want to use to make sure you are properly monitored and that there are no drug interactions.

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