How to Increase Hits on a Web Page

If you have a webpage for personal or business use, you want to attract as much traffic as possible. When you get a lot of hits on your webpage, you can earn more by running an e-commerce site or through pay-per-click advertising. Use free or paid methods to drive web visitors to your site.


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      Produce SEO content. Search Engine Optimization involves writing web copy that moves you up in search engine results. Basic SEO rules include writing short and concise copy with keywords related to the topic sprinkled throughout the text as well as within the title.

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      Get links to your webpages. Ask website visitors to submit your webpage to sites like Digg and These sites allow users to link to content that they like on the web and share them with other Digg and users.

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      Submit content with links to your webpage to other sites to attract your own hits. Forum posts, web groups and blogs are a great way to link to your webpage. Post a link to your webpage as well place it within comments you submit on any of these types of sites.

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      Create web ads for your pages. Advertise your webpage through affiliate sites and online classified ads. Sign up with a service like Google Adwords. You set the advertising budget and Google places your web ad with a link to your webpage on relevant sites.

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      Add some controversy to the content posted on your webpage. Breaking news, hot topics and celebrity gossip can all drive a lot of hits to your webpage.

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