How to Goldsmith


If you have quick and nimble fingers and an eye for fashion, goldsmithing might be the career for you. You spend all day handling fine metals and precious gemstones sometimes worth more than your entire estate.

  • Understand what a goldsmith does. Goldsmiths design, alter and repair jewelry. Goldsmiths also work with precious stones and metals. They can polish, engrave or cast them. They design jewelry according to customers’ specifications. They use special equipment and processes to mold the jewelry into the shape they want. They also have to keep track of current trends to determine which styles will be most popular. Goldsmiths can also appraise jewelry.

  • Determine if you have the traits to be a goldsmith. You need to be good with your hands because you will often be working with small objects. You also must be able to see all colors. Above all, you need patience. You must pay close attention to detail because you will be providing a custom product. You also need to have great communication skills since you will be discussing designs with customers. You should be very creative since you will be bringing designs to life from just a sketch.

  • Seek goldsmith training. To become a goldsmith, you must have completed proper training. It is advantageous to have a diploma in goldsmithing or gemology. The Gemological Institute of America offers a graduate gemologist program. If you are planning to run your own goldsmithing business, you will want to take courses in business management, marketing and accounting.

    If you don’t have a diploma, there are other ways to receive the training you need. An apprenticeship allows you to work while you learn, so it is a paid job. It will take longer to receive certification this way, but it allows you to combine classroom instruction with real-world experience. There are also websites that offer training content to help you along the way. One example is

  • Find a job. After completing training, you have a variety of career options. You can be a gemologist who grades precious gems and stones. You can be an appraiser, someone who determines the value of jewelry. You could become a designer and actually come up with the concept and craft the jewelry. Maybe you just want to be a jewelry salesman. You can expand your knowledge into other areas such as silversmithing or write books about what you do.


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