How to Draw a Golf Ball with a Driver


Hitting a draw off the golf tee is critical when you need the ball to bend to the left as it sails, such as if the hole is a dog leg left or there's a large tree in the way that you need to go around. The ball must be struck swiftly so that it creates a counterclockwise motion.

Things You'll Need

  • Driver
  • Golf ball
  • Address the golf ball by making sure that the ball is forward in your stance and positioned off your left heel.

  • Grip the club with either a neutral or slightly strong grip.

  • Point the club face directly at the intended target, then adjust your stance by aligning your body -- feet, shoulders and arms -- to the right of the target. The club face should appear slightly closed.

  • Tilt your spine and upper body away from the target while maintaining a body alignment that points right of the target while the clubhead remains pointed directly at the target.

  • Begin the backswing by smoothly shifting your weight onto your rear foot while making a smooth take-away using your shoulders, arms and a little bit of lower body movement. Swing normally. Because your body is aimed right it should feel as if you are swinging right of where you want the ball to land.

  • From the top of the swing, transition to the downswing by shifting the weight to the front foot and allowing your arms to drop while maintaining wrist cock.

  • Turn your hips while allowing your arms to swing into the impact position. The club face should approach the ball from an inside position.

  • At impact, release the club into the back of the ball by uncocking the wrist hinge that was stored during the downswing. Swing into a full finish.

  • The ball should launch "straight" or right of the intended target because of your setup alignment and then curve to the left. Because the club face is slightly closed and because the it approaches the ball from an inside position, it produces right to left spin.

Tips & Warnings

  • Reverse these steps if you are left handed.
  • A draw travels farther than a straight shot or a fade. Because of the right to left side spin, a draw will roll along the fairway longer after landing than other shots.
  • Make sure to release the club. If the club is not properly released and the club face does not approach the ball in a slightly closed position as it was during the setup, a draw might not be the result. Instead, it is likely that a push, or straight right shot, will occur.

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