How to Treat Lockjaw


Lockjaw can be a very frightening condition. Without warning, someone with lockjaw may not be able to open their mouth to eat, talk, or do anything else. Lockjaw can be a painful condition and many lockjaw sufferers fear the next episode. However, there are some things you can do to treat lockjaw. Here are a few tips.

  • Use a warm compress on your jaw. Warm, moist heat can help relax the muscles causing lockjaw and help to alleviate some pain as well.

  • Some cases of lockjaw are caused by impacted wisdom teeth. In this case, the wisdom teeth can be removed to treat lockjaw. Check with your dentist to see if your wisdom teeth is causing your lockjaw.

  • Ask your doctor if muscle relaxants will help your lockjaw. Sometimes, lockjaw is caused by tense muscles in the jaw that stay contracted even though they are not being used.

  • Ask your doctor if anti-inflammatory medications could help your lockjaw. If your lockjaw is caused by an abscess or inflammation, this particular medicine could help.

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