How to Replace a High-Limit Thermostat on a Maytag Dryer


Maytag dryers have a high-limit thermostat installed on the side of the dryer heating element, in the rear of the dryer. The high-limit thermostat is designed to prevent the dryer from catching on fire if it gets too hot. The thermostat engages when the temperature reaches a preset level and cuts the power to the heating element. After the thermostat trips, it must be replaced, as it cannot be reset. Prior to replacing the high-limit thermostat, you should identify the cause of the trip; otherwise, the new thermostat will more than likely trip as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Unplug the dryer's power cord from the wall outlet behind the dryer. If the dryer is hardwired, turn off the dryer breaker in your breaker panel.

  • Pull the dryer from the wall and remove the rear panel. To do this, remove the screws securing the panel to the dryer.

  • Locate the high-limit thermostat. It is installed on the side of the heating element, and is a black plastic piece with one wire connected to it.

  • Remove the wire connected to the terminal on the high-limit thermostat.

  • Pull the thermostat off of the heating element terminal, located below the thermostat.

  • Remove and discard the old high-limit thermostat.

  • Hook the top end of the new high-limit thermostat onto the metal tab on the heating element and then slide the bottom terminal onto the heating element terminal.

  • Slide the wire that was connected to the old high-limit thermostat onto the top terminal of the new thermostat.

  • Replace the rear panel of the dryer and then push the dryer back against the wall.

  • Plug the power cord back into the wall outlet, or turn the dryer back on in your breaker panel.

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