How to Figure the Price for a Car Tag


Deciding on a price tag for a car you want to sell is often a difficult process, since there are a lot of steps you must take. By determining the condition of your car, comparing your car to local cars for sale, and by considering the gas mileage and depreciation, as well as your location, you will be able to determine a price for your car.

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  • Examine your automobile thoroughly. Take notice of the current mileage, scratches, dents, interior flaws and rust, as these things are all defining factors of a sale price.

  • Adjust the price based on the condition of your car. If you just recently put new tires on or had a new paint job, tack on a couple of extra hundred bucks to the price tag.

  • Compare your car to similar cars with the same year and mileage. You can use sites like Craigslist or eBay to see prices the private sellers are advertising their cars for. If you prefer, call up local dealers and ask what your car in it's condition would trade it for and base your price a little higher than the price they give you.

  • Understand car depreciation and determine if you can sell your car for more because of this. Every car will lose value over time, some more than others. Cars that don't lose the most value over time are cars rated best in their class, luxury cars and rare cars like Ferrari's and Audi's.

  • Consider the gas mileage when figuring a price tag for your car. If you have an economical car, you can sell it for more than you'd get for a gas guzzler.

  • Where you live also affects the price tag. Advertising in a rural area won't get you a high price like you'd get living in the city.

  • Tack on some extra money, usually around $500, to the price of your car. Buyers will usually try to haggle the price so if they offer a lower price, you might get what you originally wanted.


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