How to Adjust the Drag on Your Fishing Reel


How do you catch a 100-pound fish without breaking the 20-pound-test line on your reel? Your reel is equipped with a drag system that acts like the brakes on your car. In the same way stepping on your car's brake doesn't bring your vehicle to a screeching halt, your reel's drag is adjustable so you can tire a fish out without breaking your line. Your drag should be set to pull about one-third of the line's breaking strength before releasing line.

Things You'll Need

  • Rod and reel (loaded with line)
  • Handheld scale

How to Adjust the Drag on Your Fishing Reel

  • If it's not already installed, tighten your reel to your fishing rod and thread the line through the guides. Once the line is through the guides, tie a loop at the end of the line.

  • The drag adjustment for conventional reels is on the right side of the reel, and is either a star-shaped washer at the handle base or a lever built into the top edge of the side plate. Spinning reels have their drag adjustment on top of the line spool.

  • Locate the drag control for your reel and loosen it by turning counter-clockwise until you can pull line off, with the reel in gear.

  • Have a friend hold the scale while you place the loop tied in the end of your line, over the scale hook.

  • Tighten the drag control, occasionally testing it by pulling against the scale. Your friend can observe the scale to see how many pounds of pull are exerted on it.

  • Increase the drag setting until you can pull about one-third of the line's breaking strength. If your line is rated as 20-pound-test, set the drag to pull 7 pounds before giving way, and allowing line to come off the reel.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can set your drag without being so precise. If you are alone, simply loop your line around a stationary object such as a fence or car bumper, and pull. Adjust your drag so that you can put pressure on a fish, but your reel releases line before the line reaches its breaking point.
  • Never tighten your drag while fighting a fish. It's okay for a fish to pull line off your reel during battle. In fact, that's what we all hope will happen when we go fishing. Tightening your drag during a fight is the quickest way to break your line. There is plenty of line on your reel, so relax. The fish will tire before swimming away with all of it.

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