How to Dispute a Parking Ticket

Parking tickets can be expensive, but there are ways to challenge them. Although not all ticket disputes will be successful, a challenge may reduce or even eliminate the fines you owe.


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      Check your state's rules for parking violations. Each state has its own parking ticket laws and certain methods of dealing with how to dispute parking tickets. You will have a much better shot of beating your parking ticket if you follow your state's guidelines to properly contesting a parking ticket.

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      Call the phone number on the ticket and verbally contest your parking ticket. If you believe your parking ticket was mistakenly issued, this is the time to briefly explain your case. There should be an investigator of sorts who will hear your side. If you can convince your investigator that the ticket was a mistake, you may be able to have the ticket waived. Do this as soon as you can after receiving the parking ticket.

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      Ask for an administrative review. This is only if your over-the-phone investigator determines that your parking ticket was correctly given because you broke your state's parking laws. An administrative review can be done over the phone, in writing or in person. For the actual administrative review event, you are usually required to appear in person. Bring with you any and all evidence you have that supports your side of the story and proves why the parking ticket is invalid. Pictures taken at the scene of the parking incident are very helpful.

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      File an appeal and request a hearing if the administrative review determines that the parking ticket was correctly issued. The case will be brought into a courtroom and a judge will look over the case and all the evidence to determine, once and for all, whether or not you will have to pay this parking ticket.

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