How to Get Flat Abs in 1 Week


You can learn how to get flat abs fast by understanding what your body needs to be healthy. Proper exercise, eating and a stress free lifestyle will help you to lose belly fat and get the flat abs that you have dreamed of. Take your body into your own hands and get healthy today.

  • CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISES - Do cardiovascular exercises everyday. Exercise a minimum of one hour per day and up to two hours per day. Walking, hiking, jogging, swimming, skiing, tennis, volleyball and other physical sports are all great forms of cardiovascular exercises. Put it on your daily schedule and exercise every day. Keep yourself motivated by taking a friend or your kids with you on a daily walk. Walk after heavy meals.

  • TARGETED EXERCISES - Do exercises everyday that target your abs. Sit ups, crunches, double crunches, reverse crunches and planks will target your abs. You can also tighten your abs periodically throughout your day to help burn more calories. Abdominal exercises can be done everyday. They are not like other muscles that need to rest a day in between exercises. Doing abdominal exercises are crucial to get flat abs in 1 week. Don't give up, it is worth it.

  • WEIGHT TRAINING - Do weight training exercises every other day. Weight training exercises will build muscles which will burn more fat everyday even when you are sleeping. You can lift weights everyday, but you will need to rotate which muscles you are working on. Do not do arms, legs, or back exercises two days in a row. Building muscle will help you to get the flat abs that you have dreamed of.

  • EAT A HEALTHY DIET - Eat a healthy diet everyday. Eat every two hours to keep your metabolism high and your body burning fat. Each meal should be made of natural products, not packaged overly processed foods. Eat high amounts of vegetables. Each meal should consist of 50% vegetables, 25% lean meat (low in saturated fats) and 25% whole grains. For snacks in between meals, you should eat healthy such as fruit, vegetables, turkey, nuts, seeds, yogurt and whole grains.

  • AVOID BAD FOODS - Cut out all fast food and processed foods. Read all labels to make sure that you are not consuming high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.

    If you need extra help with those flat abs, look in the Resources section below. Knowing how to get flat abs in 1 week will help to get you healthy fast.

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