How to Build a Shut the Box Game


Shut-the-Box is a very simple yet entertaining board game with many legends behind it. Some say that the pirates used to play the game at sea. The game, Shut-the-Box can be purchased in a store but it can also be made at home with the right materials. Making your own Shut-the-Box game is quite simple and can be done within a matter of minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden box w/ hinged lid
  • Two dice
  • Ply wood
  • Hand saw
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Cut out 12 two-inch by two-inch square tiles out of ply wood. Use sand paper to smooth down the edges of the tiles. Be sure that each tile is exactly the same size.

  • Use a permanent marker to write a number on each of the tiles. Number the tiles from 1 to 12. No two tiles should have the same number.

  • Measure the inside width of the wooden box using a tape measure or ruler. Cut out a piece of plywood that is the same width of the box and approximately one-inch thick.

  • Mount this piece to the inside of the box using a staple gun or a hammer and nails. This is where the tiles will sit.

  • Place the tiles sitting up on the ledge that was built with the plywood. Place the two dice inside of the box.

  • Close the box or play Shut-the-Box.


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