How to Design a Home Media Room

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Design a Home Media Room

In designing a media room, keep in mind that comfort and seating with an unobstructed view for watching movies and television are essential. The room should be away from bedrooms, offices or other areas of the house that need quiet and it should have enough open space so video gamers can move around. Listening to music is more pleasant in an area free from distractions like the telephone. Customize these basic design ideas to create your own home media room.

Things You'll Need

  • Neutral-color paint
  • Blackout curtains
  • Thick carpet
  • Decorative posters
  • Television
  • Surround sound
  • DVD player
  • Stereo
  • Dimmers
  • Seating
  • Mini-fridge
  • Popcorn or nacho machine
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      Paint the room a neutral, flat color that does not reflect light. Hang blackout curtains on the windows for daytime movie viewing. Lay thick carpet that will absorb sound and reduce echoes.

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      Decorate the walls with framed movie and TV posters, or cover a wall with album covers or vinyl records.

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      Install a big-screen, flat-panel television and add surround sound. Place the TV in an armoire or entertainment center if the room will be used for other purposes besides media. Connect a DVD player to the television.

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      Hook up a stereo system that uses the same surround sound speakers as the television. Include a turntable if you have a vinyl collection. A multi-CD changer reduces the number of times you'll need to switch out discs.

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      Use dimmer switches to control the lighting. Consider using a remote to control at least one lamp in case you need light in a hurry.

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      Set up stadium seating consisting of risers with comfortable chairs on them if the room is used exclusively for media. If not, furnish the room with sofas, recliners and beanbag chairs for the kids.

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      Create a kids zone with cushions and pillows. Set a low table in the kids' area for snacks and drinks. Keep an area free for Wii or other video games like Dance Dance Revolution.

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      Build a bar with a mini-fridge and a sink for cleanups. Buy a nacho maker or a popcorn machine from your warehouse club for movie nights.

Tips & Warnings

  • Put a computer in the room if you intend to watch streaming video from the Internet.

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