How to Care for Dwarf Orange Tree


Dwarf orange trees can be grown in a house with good lighting since they only grow to be about three feet tall. With proper care, you can see fruit on the tree every year. The tree has beautiful white flowers that bloom right before the fruit starts growing. If you learn to care for a dwarf orange tree correctly, you will see the flowers and the fruit at least twice a year when the time is right.

How to Care for Dwarf Orange Tree
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Things You'll Need

  • Miracid feed
Step 1

Keep the temperature in the house warm. The ideal temperature should be between 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity is not an issue with this particular tree.

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Step 2

Keep the plant in bright sunlight. The ideal window would be a south window because it receives more direct sunlight for longer periods than a west or east window. A half day of sunlight will keep the tree healthy.

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Step 3

Keep the pot in a drip tray when watering. Thoroughly soak the soil. When you see the water filling the drip tray, you have added enough water. Remove any excess water in the drip tray and place it back under the pot. If the tree is growing in a warm temperature and a bright south sun, you should water two to three times a week.

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Step 4

Fertilize the dwarf orange tree at least once a month when the tree is actively growing. Use Miracid to maintain a high acid content, which the tree needs. When the tree is inactive, you should feed lightly about every third month.

Yolanda Zaragoza Cano/Demand Media

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