How to Get A Travel Grant


Travel grants help pay for costs involved in traveling for studying abroad, going to medical appointments/treatments, research, training and student travel. Costs covered with the travel grant vary greatly on the grant sponsor and reason traveling. Funding for for travel grants are typically through private foundations and small non profits, however some of the larger travel grants are funded through federal and state programs.

  • There are a multitude of scholarships for study abroad. Make sure you explore financial aid options specific to whatever study abroad program you choose. For a list of available grants go to .

  • Travel grants for medical treatment can be found through specialized organizations and hospital administration. Grants usually cover transportation costs (such as gas, bus ticket, or airplane ticket), eating costs, and hotel costs. Cost usually only cover patient plus one helper. Costs for a nurse if medically necessary may also be paid. Contact organizations that offers support to the reason you need to travel. For instance if you have cancer, contact American Cancer Society. For children consider contacting Children's Miracle network.

  • Research travel grants are available on a limited basis for scholars and teachers wishing to make short-term visits to various countries and cities. Search for universities that

  • Travel grants for training are available through various government organizations, non profit agencies, and private foundations. Training travel grants are available to pay expenses such as transportation costs, partial housing costs, some food costs but most do not include the cost of the training in the individual grants. If such training grants are available through the organization, expect to apply separately. Expect to share housing accommodations with other grant recipients when applicable. To pay for travel while training involving aging for health care go to United States Department of Labor gives grants to companies, individuals, and grassroots organizations to help individuals pay for costs when traveling to specialized training that is in high need for the area.

  • Student travel grants are also available through some universities for either presenting at a conference or attending a conference. Typically a drawing is held to determine which qualified applicants will receive the grant money. Contact your universities financial aid office for more details.

Tips & Warnings

  • Travel grants are set up to help cover costs but do not always pay for all costs associated with the travel.
  • When traveling on a grant always be budget minded, even if it is not your money. If you do not use all the grant money given to you, be of good heart and give unused funds back.
  • When trying to make you trip for a training event or conference call the company's office ahead of time and ask about ways to cut costs. Many times event coordinators will sit up a way for attendees to share rides and housing accommodations.
  • Always keep recipes, even if the funder of your grant did not give you directions to keep recipes odds are you will get a call asking for them. So it is better to be safe then sorry.
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