How to Know if He Likes Me: 4 Teen Girls


It's hard to know whether that guy likes you or not. Is he a player? Is he just acting interested to mess with my head? Is he just talking to me to get close to one of my girls? Many questions; all of them good ones. The dating world is ruthless, and you're a good person. All you want to do is protect yourself, not hurt anybody. I know how you feel. Here's how to tell if he REALLY likes you. And don't worry; I know you have the attention span of a dirty toaster. (Not your fault. MTV did it.) We'll break it down super easy mode; 3 simple steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Your intuition. That's all!
  • BODY LANGUAGE. This is number ONE. He should make protective movements when he's talking to you. Like for instance: You're at your locker. When he comes up to talk to you, he should be trying to block off your view of the boys' locker room or your hot locker neighbor -- that shows that he doesn't want other guys talking to you. Even if he's far away from you, if another guy starts talking, watch for a shoulder movement from your guy. He should sort of butt in and block the other guy's body. Not a huge push, just a subtle movement. Back in caveman days he would have just pushed the other guy, but a million years of evolution have kind of leveled out the physical confrontations.

  • HE SHOULD WANT YOU ALONE. If he's always trying to get you alone, that's a good sign he likes you. And I don't mean alone like behind the bleachers, but just like, if you're in a public place, he's whispering to you. You don't have to physically go anywhere to be alone. If you're at a store with your friends or in the library, and he just tries to turn you away and tell you something so your friends won't hear, that means he wants to tell you secrets. That's good. That means he likes you for really real.

  • ONLINE. If he just MySpaces or Facebooks you out of nowhere, you have a pretty good chance of him liking you for real. Watch what he says. Is he asking you "nervous questions" like, how was your day or did you get the notes for some certain class? That means the blood's not all in his brain because he's nervous and horny all at the same time and he doesn't know what to say to you. Whenever a guy doesn't know what to say to you, that's always a good sign. Use that information as you see fit.

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