How to Become a Coffee Broker


Individuals with a keen sense of business and who love coffee may consider the job of a coffee broker. Coffee brokers put companies or businesses that need to purchase coffee together with the companies that are selling coffee, and they make a profit while doing this. Becoming a coffee broker isn't difficult, although it takes some time to achieve.

  • Obtain a degree in commerce or finance. While this type of degree isn't absolutely required to become a coffee broker, it's quite helpful. Having this background can help you further understand the business of becoming a coffee broker, and it will help you to be more successful in your job. Business classes are also a good experience for someone trying to become a coffee broker.

  • Make sure you have the right skills set. Above all, coffee brokers need to have salesmanship skills to be truly successful in this business. In this business, you will be dealing with many different types of people, and you'll have to know how to negotiate in order to land the really good deals. Training in retail situations or sales jobs is a bonus for those who want to become a coffee broker.

  • Study the coffee industry. It's important to be very familiar with the trade and to learn about trade seasons, which countries trade coffee, major suppliers, varieties of coffees, and how coffee and tea are graded. All this information can be self-learned, if the individual has a dedication to the coffee broker business and the persistence to keep at it.

  • Stand out in the coffee broker business. In order to be successful as a coffee broker, you have to offer quality products. It's also important to stand out in the industry so that you'll be chosen before other coffee brokers available to help customers and suppliers. Offer excellent service, and aim to be the most knowledgeable broker in the industry. You may also consider narrowing down the niche, such as only working with organic or fair trade coffee.

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