How to Put Songs on iTunes From Someone Else's iPod

The only way to transfer songs from someone's iPod to your computer is to use some kind of iPod transfer software, also known as iPod ripping software. This applies to songs originally purchased from iTunes, ripped from CDs or downloaded from the internet.


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      Locate the software you'd like to use to rip songs from your friend's iPod. Some of the more popular softwares available are, and

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      Choose the software you'd like to use. You will make your choice based on cost and compatibility with your system. You should verify that it works with your Mac or PC and the operating system (OS) that you use on your computer.

      For example, as of 2009 is $19.95 with a free limited trial and good for Windows and Mac, copytrans is $19.99 with a free limited trial and is designed for Windows (PC), and iPodrobot is $19.95 with a limited free trial and is only designed to work with Windows. All prices are as of 2009.

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      Connect your friend's iPod to your computer using the connector cord and activate the software. The transfer should begin immediately.

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      Authenticate any purchased music with your friend's password. If any of their music was purchased from the iTunes store, you will need your friend's password to play it on your computer. Remember, only five computers can simultaneously be activated. If your friend has already activated a laptop and desktop at home, a work computer and your computer, he will only have one computer left before reaching the maximum number of machines that can play the purchased content. If your friend does not want to share the password, enjoy the other music (ripped from CDs and downloaded) and delete the purchased content.

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      Safely eject your friend's iPod and enjoy your new music. You should be able to transfer music from other iPods as well, using the iPod ripping software.

Tips & Warnings

  • Although it is common, downloading music from the Internet and copying purchased music is considered illegal in most cases.
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