How to Play Dice Games


Hundreds of dice games have various similarities. Typically, you use five or six dice. However, some games require one or two. Dice is one of the oldest types of games on record, with some dating back to the Egyptian era. Ten Thousand, Barbudi and Craps are popular dice games. The Poker Dice and Sevens Out games can be entertaining for adults as well as children.

Things You'll Need

  • Five dice
  • Two dice
  • Score sheet

Poker Dice

  • Roll a die to decide the order of play. Typically, the higher die is first. However, it is a group choice for high or low die. Poker Dice requires five dice and a minimum of two players.

  • Toss the dice. The first player gains control of the dice as well as the game play for the round. Place the scoring dice off to the side. Throw the dice again or stand. You may roll up to three times in one turn.

  • Move to the next player. The second and the rest of the players are limited to the amount of rolls. If the first player only rolled twice, the remaining players must roll only twice in this round.

  • Place bets into the center of the gaming circle. Before each player's turn, place a bet. The winner of the round will gain the entire amount. You may use matchsticks, poker chips, cookies or money as your betting style.

  • Scoring: "One Pair" equals two of the same number. "Two Pair" equals four dice two and two of the same number. "Three of a Kind" equals three dice of the same number. A "Straight" equals one through five in sequence. "Full House" equals "One Pair" and "Three of a Kind." "Four" and "Five" of a kind equals four or five of the same number.

Sevens Out

  • Decide on the final score before the start of the game. For example, play until a player reaches 400, 800 or 1500 points. Choose a player to begin the game. Sevens Out requires two dice and a score pad.

  • Throw both dice. Keep a running tally of your score. Your turn continues until you roll a seven. Write down the score and pass the dice to the next person.

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  • Score in the Sevens Out dice game. Add the numbers on the dice together after every roll. For example, if you roll a five and six you gain a score of 11. Then after you throw a seven, you add up your tally and write it down. If you gain doubles in a toss, you receive a double score. For instance, rolling a six and six equals 12, your points for that throw doubles to 24.


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