How to Reduce High Cholesterol


High cholesterol is a significant health risk so you should know how to reduce high cholesterol. The fat-like material in your blood is called cholesterol. Your body makes its own cholesterol. If you eat foods that have lots of fat or cholesterol, there can be too much cholesterol in your blood. If too much cholesterol builds up on the blood vessels in your heart, blood can't flow through your heart and you can have a heart attack. Fortunately there are some ways to try to reduce high cholesterol.

  • Changing your eating habits is an area where you can have a direct, significant and daily impact when it comes to reducing high cholesterol. Doing this can help you lose weight and even a small weight loss can make a big difference. Make this the first of a three-pronged approach to reducing cholesterol. First, cut back on the amount of fatty foods in your diet. You should wean yourself off of foods like fatty meats, fried foods, whole milk, fatty cheeses, butter, margarine, oils, lard, and creams. Cutting back on food with lots of cholesterol, such as egg yokes and whole eggs can also help reduce high cholesterol. Remember that fatty snacks and desserts, such as candy, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, pastries and pies can also be high in cholesterol.

  • The second prong in your attempt to reduce cholesterol is exercise. Check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program to see if you're healthy enough for exercise. Just 30 minutes of exercise most days is a good goal.

  • The third and final prong in your attempt to reduce cholesterol is to ask your doctor if you need medicine to reduce your cholesterol. Of course it would be better to lower your cholesterol through diet and exercise but it that doesn't work medicine may be necessary.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your total cholesterol number should be under 200.
  • WOMEN over age 20 should have their cholesterol checked by their doctor.
  • WOMEN over the age of 55 tend to have higher cholesterol levels than men.

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