How to Buy Organic Food at Walmart and Save Money


Does it seem like the whole world is jumping on the organic bandwagon? There's a reason for that-organic food is good for you! And you don't doubt that; you just have a problem with the cost. If you don't have a natural foods grocery store near you, such as Whole Foods Market or Trader Joes, or aren't willing to pay steep prices for it at your conventional supermarket, you're still in luck. You can buy organic food at Walmart and save money-and surely, as ubiquitous as they are, you must have a Walmart nearby!

  • Stick to the wet racks for the produce. The organic produce seems to be gathered in one central location along the wet racks versus alongside the convention produce on the tables. Take a look around and you'll see that there is a nice supply of organic berries, lettuces, random vegetables. Delicious organic produce can also be found in the frozen section.

  • Take a closer look in the aisles. You will notice there are organic choices for almost every conventional product now. There's organic bread, cereal, coffee, tea, popcorn, cookies, sugar, milk, cheese, juices, eggs-basically there is an organic item available for almost everything. Just make sure that the item actually has the USDA Organic seal on it.

  • Clip coupons. The organic items tend to save you money when purchased at Walmart versus buying them at a conventional grocery store. Why? The conventional grocery stores, though they are trying to make improvements, don't specialize in organic foods. They basically have them there as a courtesy to the health conscious customer who is more increasingly seeking out organics and natural foods. The stores carry these products, but they are at a high mark up. Buy organic food at Walmart and save money because Walmart tends to have great prices on just about everything. Clipping coupons and using them on these organics at Walmart will save you even more. Organic coupons are becoming more popular in the Sunday paper inserts and you can also find them on Internet coupon sites or sites like mambosprouts.

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