How to Learn Dog Grooming at Home


When dropping your dog off to be groomed at a grooming facility, you can be sure he will come back looking better than before. Many people are curious as to why they cannot just groom their dogs at home. Although it is possible, it takes a lot of studying and practicing--but it will save money in the long run.

Study the different breeds of dogs. You can do this by checking out books from your local library on breeds, as well as searching for information online or by personally speaking with a vet or groomer. During these studies, it is important to focus on the temperament of the animal, shedding cycles and hair texture and length.

Purchase or check out books based on dog grooming. Although the task may seem simple enough, there is information that groomers need to know before attempting to beautify a dog. For example, you should always brush the dog before bathing him to avoid hair-pulling and to avoid knots getting worse as the fur dries.

Research the different kinds of tools and brushes used on different fur, such as matt-splitters or shears, which are used on dogs with matted fur and dogs with large knots in their hair. Different brushes are used on different kinds of fur.

Research different video tutorial websites that explain in detail as well as show you how to properly groom dogs of different hair texture and length (see Resources).

Apply for a job at a local pet grooming facility. Because you will have no degree or certification in dog grooming, you will only be allowed to bathe the dogs (and the groomers will teach you how to do so properly). By working at a grooming facility, you will be able to witness firsthand how each dog is cared for and groomed. You will also come into contact with anxious animals and, ultimately, learn how to deal with them.

Practice grooming at home on your own dog. If you happen to cut his hair too short or do something completely wrong, you can always take him to a professional groomer and ask her what you have done wrong. She can probably explain to you what needs to be done and show you the proper tools to do so.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never cut your dog's nails too short. Always cut at the tip.

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