How to Build Muscle Fast for Girls


When you think about building muscle , you often think about men who are genetically predisposed to bigger muscle gains. Although it is much easier for men to make big gains when building muscle, it doesn’t mean that is impossible for a girl to make large muscle gains quickly also. Know-how and dedication are the biggest attributes a girl needs to build muscle quickly.

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Stay away from muscle building supplements. While it is true that there are many supplements that can help a girl build muscle quickly, these also tend to play with the hormonal makeup of a girl’s body. This can send your system into haywire, making it difficult to lose weight or build muscle without the supplement in the future. Sticking to a daily vitamin should suffice as your only supplement as you try to build muscle.

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Lift some weights. Weightlifting is a key part of building muscle quickly whether you are a woman or man. During each weightlifting exercise, you will need to lift at least 60 to 85 percent of your maximum capability. Your maximum weight on an exercise is the heaviest amount you can lift while performing an exercise at least five to eight repetitions. Performing each weightlifting exercise this way will help you challenge your muscles sufficiently during each routine.

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Work until you reach muscle failure. If you want to build muscle fast, you must also challenge your muscle fibers by tearing them sufficiently each time you work out. When you are doing a muscle building exercise such as the bench press or a pushup, perform each set until you can’t do another repetition. This will help you to build muscle more quickly and efficiently without injuring yourself. Make sure that you have a partner when performing exercises at this level, for your own safety.

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Feed your muscles for adequate growth. Increasing the amount of protein you consume in your diet is necessary to give your muscles what they need to repair themselves. Good sources of protein can be found in chicken, fish, eggs, nuts and even beans. Eat at least one source of protein every two to three hours during the day along with a sufficient source of carbohydrate to balance your diet and continuously fuel your muscles' recovery.

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Step 5

Consider a full body routine. While you may want to focus your muscle building efforts on a specific part of your body if you are doing a particular sport, don’t overlook the benefits of seeking muscle gains throughout the entire body. Full body routines help you add lean muscle evenly throughout the body while maximizing your workout.Beyond muscle gain, full body workouts also provide increases in total stamina, core strength and balance that are good for any sport. A full body workout only has to be performed every two to three days, since the entire body will need sufficient time to rest.

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Tips & Warnings

  • Proper amounts of sleep are important to accelerating the muscle building process. At least eight hours of continuous rest is necessary to repair muscles properly during the building process.
  • To avoid the risk of injury, properly stretch your muscles before and after workouts.


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