How to disassemble a Colt 1911 or 1991 Pistol


Want to know how to dissasemble a Colt 1911 or 1991 Pistol? Here you go.

  • First make sure you pistol is not loaded.

  • Then locate the textured plug underneath the barrel on the point of the gun.

  • Then on the point of the barrel push in on the textured plug underneath the barrel and turn the housing of the tip of the barrel(barrel bushing) to the left. this will cause the piece you are pushing in, to come out. Set this aside. Be sure to hold the plug as it comes out as it is spring loaded and will fly out if not slowly let out.

  • This is what it will look like. Set the plug aside. The spring will still be coming out of the barrel.

  • Then turn the barrel housing tip(barrel bushing) to the right. Wiggle and raise this bushing and it will come out. Set Aside.

  • Next pull the slide back about an inch until this lever called a slide stop lines up with a little "Rounded" notch in the slide. There are a couple different notches on the side of the slide. It has to be the "rounded" one.

  • Then flip the pistol over and find this pin. And push through. If you completed the last step right it should come out fairly easily. If it isn't easy, go back to last step.

  • Pushing this pin through causes this slide stop to come out.

  • Now you can slide the slide right off the end.

  • Lift the spring out.

  • Grab the barrel from the point of the pistol and pull straight out.

  • Once the barrel is out. You are done.

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Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you weapon is not loaded before attempting to take apart.

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