How to Develop a True Friendship


True friendship provides a channel of love, trust and fellowship for those involved. Ralph Waldo Emerson gave timely advice when he said "The only way to have a friend is to be one." In order to develop a true friendship you must work hard at giving that person your love and attention. Unlike acquaintances, true friendship do not develop in a single moment, but through a development of shared experiences and moments and common bonds with that person.

  • Approach the person you desire to build a friendship with and start a conversation. Exchange contact information with the potential friend at the end of the conversation.

  • Contact your new acquaintance on a semi-regular basis. Show interest in what he says and listen intently.

  • Learn about her likes and dislikes. Share with her you own likes and dislikes. Allow open communication to flow freely.

  • Allow your friend to behave comfortably around you. Once the facade the acquaintances put up begins to fall then a true friendship forms.

  • Show yourself trustworthy. Keep secrets a secret, and offer sound advice during struggles.

  • Stay loyal to your friend. Nothing can replace the value of loyalty in a true friendship. In your friend's best moments, and in his worst, stick by his side.


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