How to Get Your Infant to Sleep in Her Crib

Adjusting to crib sleeping may be hard for your baby at first, especially if the recent sleeping patterns have been in a bassinet in your bedroom or co-sleeping on your bed. It takes time, patience and consistency to show your baby when the proper bedtime is and to associate the crib with sleeping. Moving infants to a crib is a process but will ultimately give you more privacy and further help transition the baby into sleeping in the nursery in the future years.


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      Be realistic about your expectations. It takes time for your baby to adjust to sleeping in a crib as opposed to a bassinet or anywhere else she has slept before. Be patient as she learns that the crib is now where she will sleep.

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      Maintain a consistent schedule for bedtime. Put your baby to sleep in her crib at the same time every night and follow the same bedtime patterns such as rocking, nursing, changing or singing to her. Your baby will soon notice these patterns as a precursor to bedtime and be more willing to sleep in her crib.

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      Keep your baby calm and relaxed during the day to promote relaxation at nighttime. Over-stimulation during the daytime hours, especially soon before bedtime, may cause over-excitement making it hard for her to sleep on schedule.

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      Put your baby down to sleep when she is most comfortable. Clear her nose, change her diaper, feed her, give her a bath and spend some time with her rocking and soothing to get her relaxed.

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