How to get a six pack abs FAST


First of all, there is no such thing getting a six pack abs. Read more if you want to get your six pack abs in a slow but assuring manner

Things You'll Need

  • Dedication
  • Healthy food
  • The hardest part of our body to shape is our abs. It's the first one that the body store its fat and the last one to remove it

  • You may already have a six pack abs but it's underneath the layer of fat on top of your abs

  • The ONLY way to get a six pack abs is by eating less carbs and fat, and do cardio. You may also eat smaller portion of food 5 times in a day to increase your metabolism

  • When you are doing cardio, you need to increase your heart rate to a weight loss zone. You can find the range based on your age, it's usually available in your local gym treadmill or see below to calculate your heart rate range

  • Here´s how to calculate your target heart rate range for higher intensity exercise:
    220 - your age = max HR
    max HR x .70 = lower end of your range
    max HR x .85 = upper end of your range
    For example, if you´re 30 years old:
    220 - 30 = 190
    190 x .70 = 133
    190 x .85 = 161
    You can also use ratings of perceived exertion to determine the intensity of your workout, with a 5 being a low intensity workout and a 10 being a really high intensity workout

  • Once your body fat is decreasing, the layer of fat on top of your abs will also slowly dissapear and your six pack abs will be more visible

Tips & Warnings

  • don't set your goal to high, start small. Say, lose 1 lbs per week is reasonable
  • do weight resistance training if you can, it will help you burn more calories even after you done exercising and during your sleep
  • eat only until you are not hungry, not until you are full
  • don't starve your self to death, it won't work that way

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