How to Mow a Lawn with a Zero-Turn-Radius Lawn Mower


Using a zero-turn-radius riding lawn mower makes cutting the grass quick and enjoyable. At first it may be difficult to maneuver these lawn mowers; the hardest part is making tight turns without tearing up your lawn. But, with a little practice, you can learn to make quick work of cutting the grass without ruining it.

Make two to three laps around the perimeter of the lawn. Both levers pushed forward will make the mower move straight. Pushing one farther forward than the other will cause you to turn in the opposite direction, i.e., pushing the right lever farther forward than the left will cause you to turn to the left.

Begin at one end of the lawn and cut straight lines across the grass. Continue cutting these straight lines back and forth, turning around in the already-cut areas around the perimeter from step 1.

Turn slightly (about 45 degrees) in the direction of the uncut portion of grass, when reaching the end of a pass. Stop and reverse by pulling back on both levers. Pull back harder on the lever that will be facing the already cut area of the lawn after the turn is complete. Straighten out for the next pass by pushing forward on both levers. Repeat this back-and-forth process until the lawn is completely mowed. The goal is to turn while moving forward or backward rather than spinning in a tight circle. This will keep the tires from digging into the grass and tearing holes in your lawn. When mowing with the uncut grass to your right, initiate the turn by making a turn to your right. Do this by pushing harder on the left lever. While reversing, pull harder on the right lever.

Tips & Warnings

  • You will probably still make some mistakes and from time to time and slightly tear the grass, this will usually grow back quickly.

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