How to Cure Infected Body Piercings with a Sea Salt Soak


Body piercings are already prone to infection because they are a massive wound inflicted in the body and held open with a piece of jewelry. To make matters worse, the body is naturally designed to push out and remove foreign bodies. That foreign body is your new body piercing jewelry. This makes you even more susceptible to getting an infected piercing. Take the time to treat it with a sea salt soak and you can clear up any piercing infection quickly.

Things You'll Need

  • non iodized sea salt or dead sea salt
  • shot glass
  • Pour hot water into a shot glass or another small lipped glass. The shot glass is preferable for curing infected body piercings because it surrounds the piercing more closely than other glasses.

  • Use non iodized sea salt or dead sea salt in the water. Add only as much as can be dissolved easily for the sea salt soak.

  • Tip the shot glass up over the infected piercing.

  • Press it firmly against the skin and a seal should form that stops the saltwater from leaking out.

  • Hold the glass up for five minutes. This will give the non iodized sea salt or dead sea salt time to move through the puncture and clean away any dead flesh inside of the infected piercing.

  • Remove the shot glass and rinse with clean, warm water.

  • Use the sea salt soak twice a day for piercing infections. If an infection does not clear up in three days visit a doctor for more specialized treatment or to receive antibiotics.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never removing body piercing jewelry from an infected piercing hole. This can allow the holes to close up and remove the drainage points.
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