How to Convert Minutes to Hours


In aviation speed is expressed and read on airspeed indicators in nautical miles per hour (knots). It is often necessary to convert from minutes to hours in order to solve time-distance problems to assist in navigation and fuel burn problems.

  • Remember that an hour consists of 60 minutes. To convert minutes to hours you need to divide the minutes by 60.


    Convert 15 minutes to hours.


    Divide 15(minutes)/60 = 0.25 hours.

  • Realize that at the end of your typical time-distance problem you may be left with time expressed in fractions of hours. For example if you were flying at 80 knots over a distance of 100 nautical miles (NM) you will calculate that the trip will take you 0.8 hours.

    At this point you will need to covert 0.8 hours to minutes by reversing the calculation.


    Convert 0.8 hours to minutes.


    Multiply 0.8 hours X 60 = 48 minutes.

  • Another way to look at this calculation is that every 0.1 of an hour is equal to 6 minutes. Thus, 0.6 hours is equal to 0.6 X 6 = 36 minutes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Flight time is generally logged in hours and fractions of hours. In general you round up time to the next highest tenth of an hour. For example, 1 minute to 6 minutes is logged as 0.1 hours. 7 minutes is rounded up to 0.2 hours.

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