How to Pass the Time in Boring Meetings without Being Obvious


If you're like me and have a lot of difficulty paying attention in business or staff meetings, try a few of my "secret" activities to help you discreetly pass the time away. Never fall asleep in a meeting again!

  • *Play the Tally Game first

    The first thing you can do if you're in a board (BORED) meeting is make tallies. Tally how many people have the following items on them, and declare that person the "winner". (Don't declare the winner out loud, for heavens' sake. No need to spoil your secret!)

    Here's a list:

    hair ornaments of any kind
    necklaces or chains
    tennis shoes
    red top
    black bottoms
    long hair
    red hair

    ...and so forth. It's not the most stimulating activity, but it works. It will keep you from falling asleep.

  • *Play Find a Word Next

    The second thing you can do in meeting to avoid being bored is to play "find a word". Somewhere on a piece of paper, write down a word that has eight or more letters. (If you can, choose a word that is visible or spoken during the meeting. It's much more fun that way.) Now make as many words of at least two letters that you can. Proper nouns and abbreviations don't count. This one's great--it's a "real" game that you can play anywhere.

  • *Write an Acrostic Poem Later

    One other thing you can do to keep yourself from going crazy during a boring meeting is to make an acrostic poem about each member of your family. (DON'T do this with the names of people in the room; if you're found out, it could be very awkward!)

    To write an acrostic poem, write down a person's name. Then, using each letter, write down a word that reminds you of that person. (Adjectives are best.) The words you write down must begin with a different letter from the person's name. Here's an example:

    A Ambitious
    M Megalomaniac
    Y Yesterday's News

  • *Create "Magnetic" Poetry

    One last thing you can do to keep yourself from losing your mind in a meeting is to write poems in "Magnetic Poetry" fashion. Write down a list of about ten words from the agenda, presentation, or speaker. Then rearrange them into a poem by copying them down and adding additional words in between until they make sense. (If you decide to critique a meeting topic or employee, use extra caution not to get caught!)

    While there are lots of ways to keep your mind going during a boring meeting, the important thing to remember is to NEVER get caught! Don't allow anyone to know what you're doing and you've got entertainment during a meeting for a long time.

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