How to Know if You Found The perfect Man


A few tips in the right direction that will let you know if you found the perfect man and what to do to get one!

Things You'll Need

  • will power
  • some money to pamper yourself.
  • self control
  • pen & paper
  • Dating someone to find out if they are the perfect man, you will need to know what the perfect man is. (here is where that will power comes in to hold off)
    To do this you will need to get out a pen and paper. Take a moment to really think (and i mean it) about what you think the perfect man is. Is he funny, good looking, stacked with muscles or just simple? I know mine but you tell me yours!!

  • Draw a few columns out by listing the "must haves", the "wants" and the "deal breakers" that you want when dating. (be picky but don't set yourself up for being alone with your dog as your perfect man)

    If you know YOUR perfect man must be funny or have hair like alfalfa in "little rascals" so be it. You will be dating him, not me! Write it down. I suggest making a list of at least 10 for each column. Be sure you are positive with the "deal breakers." You do not want to miss out on the perfect man if you set your sights on someone with blonde hair and he has black! Be sensible, what if they thought the same way as you?? Hurry up and finish so we can go on to the next step in finding you the perfect man to date!...

  • Pamper yourself time!
    After you have taken time to write out what the perfect man is, now it's time to take the next step in making him yours to date!
    Here my friend, is where the pampering comes in. Go out and get your hair done, even if it's just a cut. Now, what perfect man wants their perfect woman looking like a ragamuffin? Be presentable at all times, util you get him to marry you, then let go!!!! :) just kidding.
    After you have pampered yourself by going shopping for clothes, salon, etc you are ready to go out on the prowler! Look out ladies, here we come men looking for a date!

  • Find a perfect man today! Now is the time women!!!! Time to find a great perfect man to date! Go out and start searching at bars, community events, dating sites, anywhere you can think of... except a strip club.... i highly doubt Mr. Perfect is there (unless that is your kinda thing, then yay strip club!!)
    Be careful where you go because for example, bars may attract the wrong man or give him the wrong impression! You don't want to date a man who thinks you are someone looking for a good time.
    Control yourself in public. Act like a lady, after all you are one...(unless you are a man and that is your kinda thing, then go men!)
    How you portray yourself is going to be how he perceives you from then on out! Keep the pole dance for another night.Making out with your friends and flirting with all kinds of men is NOT going to hook, reel and catch Mr. Right!

  • Once you have found someone that interests you and meets the criteria of your "must haves", possibly has some "wants" and steers clear from the "deal breakers" then start mingling and hanging out before dating.
    You must and i repeat MUST not give in if he does not meet your standards. YOU are the prize and he is the contestant (next)! OR you can look at it as you are the contestant and he is the prize. If you dont like the prize available move on to the next game(man)! Do not settle for less than what you have already deemed as a under qualified man.
    By following these dating tips you have laid out, you will only thank yourself later. He may seem perfect now, but later those "deal breakers" will come out and bother you. Meaning you have just dated someone you knew wasnt perfect for you.

  • Now that you are hanging out and getting to know each other, before dating, here is where will power and self control come in!!!! Be strong woman!

    Men are pigs, they know it, you know it, we all know it! So, that being said, be aware of the situation and do not give in. Get to know your perfect man and see what he is all about and he can do the same. Kissing, its understandable and fine but no.... you know.
    If your possible perfect man was to try and jump your bones right away wouldn't you think he was a pig and no where near a gentlemen? So why should you act that way?
    Well, a man may want the goods right now but later he ultimately wants a woman he can date and "take home to mom." Yes, the age old saying... is true! How about i throw the other one out there too. "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" It's true too. In order to gain the respect of a man, any man, you must respect yourself. Do not give in before getting to know the man, finding out if he is right for you and date him for awhile.

  • When is the right time to date, among other things? Only you will know the right time. Don't convince yourself you know the right time, it will come. If you have doubts that this man could be perfect for you, than don't waste your time on him and date. Like i said, move onto the next "game"(man)! If you choose to ... well make sure you won't regret it. Ask yourself, if we stopped dating would i regret this? Do i think he is just using me? Be sure!!! This is your life and time you are putting in whole heartedly so he should be too! There are great guys out there, I have one! Just stick to the list and don't give in.

  • If you have followed these steps you should be well on your way to finding or dating a perfect man for yourself, unless you already found him and wedding bells are in the midst! I wish you luck with dating, finding love and stick to your list! Don't give in and be yourself while on dates! Don't let any man change who you are, if they do, move on to the next "game"(man)!

Tips & Warnings

  • be yourself when dating
  • be strong
  • have will power to resist hot men
  • stick to your list when on dates
  • these are tips to find the perfect man for you.
  • if you do not find him, it is not my fault nor am i liable!
  • you may fall in love!
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