How to Get The Best Wifi Antenna Range From Your Free Wireless Wifi Antenna


Whether you are using a free community public wifi or a temporarily borrowed signal which your neighbor is loaning you, you will need to know how to set the apparatus up correctly.

Things You'll Need

  • large bread mixer bowl
  • usb wifi dongle
  • duct tape
  • I have tried various bowls or "dish wifi antenna" examples. Some with better reception than others.
    I have tried the "fine wire" strainer wifi directional antenna and as well strainer bowls with holes and bread-mixing-bowls with no holes. I've tried small curvatures as well as large curvatures in each of the mentioned. All of these work to a degree but I will tell you the best wifi cantenna ( or dish wifi antenna as some call it) that worked for me.

  • I personally found that the larger the bowl the better the wifi signal strength. Our wifi antenna range was best resolved when we used a large steel bowl ( a bread mixing bowl) with the usb wifi dongle precisely positioned within the curvature of the bowl. The dongle was suspended in the middle of the bowl with duct tape stretched across the bowl.

  • The bowl also had to be adjusted on the window in just the right position as to pick up the strongest signal. These two factors (usb dongle positioned in bowl and bowl positioned on window) are the key points to remember in getting your strongest usable wifi signal. Your wifi antenna range will dramatically increase in strength in comparison to the standard laptop wifi antenna which is normally built into many laptops today.

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