How to prepare for MEPS


If you're joining the United States military then you will go through MEPS which stands for "Military Entrance Processing Station". All applicants to any branch of the United States military gets processed there. If you're concern about what to expect then you may want to read this article. (Note: This is accurate as far as my experience had been. I went through the MEPS in Boston, MA in 2008.)

Things You'll Need

  • To take your ASVAB Exam
  • Social Security Card
  • Driver's License
  • To take your physical exam
  • All your paperwork your recruiter made copied.
  • Set of clothing if you're staying at hotal overnight.
  • The first time you go to MEPS will probably be to take your ASVAB test. Either your recruiter or a bus shuttle will take you there. Make sure to bring your driver's license and social security card. If you're also taking your physical exam then you should take all the paperwork your recruiter had copied.

  • Upon arriving at the front desk of MEPS to take the ASVAB you will have to turn off your cell phone and you will not be able to bring it into the testing room.

  • At the desk they will take your fingerprint digitally and a camera there will take your picture. Then you may enter the exam room where you will be directed to a computer station to take you CAT-ASVAB which is the computer version of ASVAB.

  • Upon completion of the timed test there is a desk in the room where they will scan your fingerprint again for verify you are indeed the same person. They will give you your AFQT percentile. Then you go back to the recruiter station either with your recruiter or through bus shuttle.

  • A week later, you will go back to MEPS for the physical exam. In my experience I went to the hotel first where there was over 40 other military applicants. The hotel is paid for by the military and you will be provided with dinner and breakfast. The next day everyone rises up at 4 am to have breakfast and then aboard a bus traveling to MEPS.

  • Going through the metal detector and arriving upstairs you will be submit to a variety of tests after meeting with your military branch representative to store your belongings and to get a ID sticker. You will submit to a blood pressure test, hearing test where you'll press the button every time you hear a tone through the headset, and eye exam.

  • After that, you'll have a debriefing of what the day will be like by the Officer in Charge which was a female Lieutenant when I went through. Then some guy will do a PowerPoint presentation and have you answer a bunch of medical question. Following that you're out of the presentation room and will goes through another series of tests. They'll also take your blood, have you urinate in a cup,
    have a medical exam with a doctor older than 70 who will poke at your abdomen, touch your testicles and have your cough, have you bend over and spread your butt cheeks so they can look at your anus, look at your eyes, ear canal, mouth, and ask you if you ever used drugs.

  • Then you'll go into a room with some other applicants where you will strip to your boxers. There a doctor will have you do movements like kick your legs, stand on one leg, walk rapidly, rotate arms, crouch down and walk like a duck. They will have you standing with your legs straight and bend over touching your toes so the doctor can trace your spine to see if you have scoliosis. If you pass everything and this then you are medically qualified to service and should report to the military branch representatives at MEPS where your job will be decided if you don't already have a job guaranteed and if you don't decide to opt out right now.

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