How to Talk to A Girl Easily


If you're ever going to find the woman of your dreams, you'll first need to talk to her. To do that, calm your nerves and fear not, for girls are not aliens. Girls are just like boys in many ways. They have hobbies, work or attend school and want to find love. Before you approach a girl, summon your confidence. Girls are attracted to confident boys. Even if you're quivering inside, take a deep breath and pretend that you talk to girls all the time. If you feign confidence long enough, one day it might just come naturally.

  • Smile. Adopting a grin will make you feel good, appear friendly and may make the girl you want to talk to more receptive to you. Most people find a smile attractive.

  • Ask about her interests, and don't blather on about yourself. Starting a conversation about a girl's hobbies allows you to find common ground with her. Plus, people generally love talking about the things they're passionate about.

  • Ask open-ended questions, rather than ones that only require yes or no answers. For example, you might ask, "What do you do for fun," instead of, "Do you like to swim?" Ask follow-up questions to continue the conversation.

  • Limit the conversation to non-offensive topics, such as the weather or enjoyable activities. Avoid subjects such as politics and religion, which can make people emotional.

  • Stay in the moment. Listen to what the girl says instead of just waiting for your turn to speak. If you focus too much on what you want to say, you might miss the chance for a meaningful connection.

  • Contribute to the conversation. When the girl says something that resonates with you, share your thoughts with her.


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