How to Treat Fly Bites


Flies are disgustingly dirty insects. Flies can and do bite. If you have ever been to the beach where those green head flies live, you know how much the bites can hurt. Many people are allergic to fly bites and swell up with large welts at the bite site or they may even have a more severe reaction. For those who are allergic to fly bites see your doctor for treatment. Fly bites both itch and hurt at the same time. Fly bites should be treated as soon as possible.

  • Wash the bite area with an antibacterial soap and water. It is very important to disinfect the area because flies can carry disease and they can cause an infection at the bite site.

  • Wet the bite are with plain cool water and rub an aspirin over it. Make sure to use aspirin that does not have a coating. An aspirin such as regular Bayer aspirin works well. The aspirin will help to reduce swelling and inflammation. It will help to reduce any pain you may have at the site of the bite.

  • To reduce the itching make a paste of baking soda and water or a paste of salt and water, apply directly to the site of the bite. If the itching is severe take an over the counter antihistamine.

  • Watch for signs of infection. If the bite site looks very red, has pus or has red lines running away from it seek medical care.

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