How to Study and Prepare for the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT)


Read this article to help you prepare for the AFOQT.

  • Understand what the test sections are as well as time limits. My study book broke it down into the following:
    Subtest Questions Time (In Minutes)
    Verbal Analogies 25 8
    Arithmetic Reasoning 25 29
    Word Knowledge 25 5
    Math Knowledge 25 22
    Instrument Comprehension 20 6
    Block Counting 20 3
    Table Reading 40 7
    Aviation Information 20 8
    General Science 20 10
    Rotated Blocks 15 13
    Hidden Figures 15 8
    Self-Description Inventory 220 40

    You should receive at least one 10 minute break in the middle of your test. Do not worry about studying for the self-description inventory because there is no right or wrong answers, just trying to gauge your personality. Pay special attention to the very short sections such as Word Knowledge, Instrument Comprehension, Block Counting, and Table Reading. All of the subtests are time critical and do require your complete attention at all times, either by finding your initial answer or checking yourself. The test itself takes about 3 1/2 hours to complete with everything considered such as instructions.

  • Buy a study book. I have no complaints about a book named Master the Military Flight Aptitude Tests 7th Edition, publisher- Peterson's, ISBN-10: 0768927935.

  • Log in to This is by far the best website I have found for preparing for the AFOQT.

  • Get your vision checked. Sure, it especially makes sense if you are looking for a pilot spot but it will also help you with the test-taking. You actually work harder by studying with poor vision.

  • Improve your vocabulary. Reading books and playing word games are the obvious boosters. A website that I really enjoy using is: The website makes it fun to learn new words, plus with each correct answer 10 grains of rice are donated around the world to fight world hunger.

  • Focus on your weaknesses. Get a good night's sleep. Be confident on test day! Please add tips under comments.

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