How to Use Lowe's Home Improvement Services


From shades to appliances, carpeting to countertops, Lowe's Home Improvement Services can install just about anything you will need for your next remodeling or repair project. Lowe's screens its subcontractors and checks for proper licensing, so you can be sure the technician is qualified for the job. Lowe's offers more than 40 different services so, with a bit of preparation and planning, even the most novice homeowner can get that special look she wants in her home.

Things You'll Need

  • Plans/sketches
  • Tape measure
  • Calculator
  • Brochures
  • Samples

How to Use Lowe's Home Improvement Services

  • Figure out what you want to achieve with your remodeling or renovation project. Are your cabinets out of date? Want granite instead of laminate countertops? Just need new appliances? What about flooring? Windows and doors no longer weather resistant? While you're considering your options, also estimate your budget and know how much you can afford to spend.

  • Visit your local Lowe's store. Ask for brochures. Also ask for samples of any items you are interested in so you can take them home to test the color in the lighting at your house (store lighting varies). Read the brochures. Go online for more information about specific products. Make notes of what you like (and don't). Write down any questions you may have. If you can, draw a sketch or two to better illustrate your ideas.

  • Go back to Lowe's with your notes and meet with a sales associate. Do this at a time when the store is not busy so you will not feel rushed to make any decisions. Review your proposed project in detail. Let the associate work up a quote or estimate for services. If necessary, have her quote both high- and low-end products to show you where you can save money. Once you find a price that fits in your budget, arrange for an on-site measure, if needed.

  • After measuring, co-ordinate with your sales associate to make sure you have time to remove any items prior to installation and make any necessary arrangements. Materials and supplies may be delivered to the site. Make sure these items are exactly as ordered. Immediately contact your sales associate with any problems or questions. Once all materials are on site, the workers should be able to begin construction or installation.

  • After installation, each Lowe's installer should check everything over to ensure proper installation. Then, as stated on the Lowe's website, the installer will clean up the surrounding area and present you with a Certificate of Completion. This is when you will need to be sure to ask your sales associate and/or installers any remaining questions you have about the installation or products. Then inspect and approve the work, keeping in mind that Lowe's guarantees your satisfaction.

Tips & Warnings

  • Know what you want to achieve with your project Check to be sure any new fixtures and appliances will fit Look for dimensions of new products in sales materials Ask about permits and insurance
  • Do not "self-wire" if you are not a professional Keep children/pets out of construction areas Keep materials in a secure location (if possible)


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