How to Catch Bluefish Surf Fishing


Catching bluefish is possible all along the Atlantic coast. Surf fishing for bluefish is a fun way to spend a day and a great way to have a fresh fish dinner. Bluefish are a grayish, blue fish with a wide, forked tail. Bluefish can eat up to twice their wait in bait fish in a day. If you hook a bluefish, be prepared to work to bring in your catch as bluefish are known for their fight.

Things You'll Need

  • Fishing pole
  • Spinning reel (15-20 pound test line)
  • Wire leader 12-18 inches
  • Hook
  • Mullet (or other bait fish)
  • Purchase a wire fishing leader from your local tackle store. Choose a leader with no to minimal lead weight on it. Bluefish have very sharp teeth so make sure the leader is made of wire and not mono filament if you want to keep your catch on the line.

  • Tie the wire fishing leader to the fishing line coming off of your pole. Blue fish will fight hard, and if you expect to catch them you must tie a good knot.

  • Attach the hook to the other end of the wire leader. Some leaders will already have a hook, and some will just have a clip to attach the hook to. Pick a hook that is a bait holder so the bait stays on in the surf.

  • Hook the bait on. You can use live bait or dead bait like mullet. Other types of bait fish will also work so check out your local bait store to find out what the locals in your area use.

  • Select the area of surf you want to catch bluefish from. Bluefish will travel almost everywhere in the surf looking for bait to bite so you do not have to be to particular about where you drop your line.

  • Cast your line out. You want the bait to travel out and land in the water and remain in the top portion of the water column. You can achieve this by limiting the amount of lead weight you are using. Use just enough weight to cast the bait out and no more. You can catch more bluefish keeping the bait toward the top of the water.

  • Wait patiently for a bluefish to bite. When the bluefish bites, you will feel it. They do not take the bait in a subtle fashion. As soon as the bluefish bites, it will typically run out some line. Let the fish run for 2 to 3 seconds before setting the line by pulling back on it with moderate pressure.

  • Reel in your bluefish. Be aware the fish will fight and leap. Get a good grip on your pole and plant your feet while you're reeling in your catch.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check your local laws regarding size, amount and seasons on catching bluefish.

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