How to Maximize Skill Points in Mafia Wars

Deciding how to allocate Mafia Wars skill points is critical to game success. There are many thoughts and strategies that you can use, but I find this to be the best way.

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      So you've got some skill points to use - where to put them. At the early levels, this is easy. EVERY SKILL POINT GOES TO ENERGY! That's right, no defense, no attack, no stamina, no health - all ENERGY.

      The reason is simple - the more energy you have early in the game, the faster you will get more skill points. You can use the skill points you get later (and faster) to increase other areas.

      But what if I get attacked? So what if you do? The WORST case is that you're snuffed. In this case, you lose 6 experience points - and you won't be attacked again for a while. Get this straight - getting attacked in Mafia Wars is no big deal. In fact, you want to get attacked when you're higher level - you get more experience that way. Getting a big Mafia is the best way to protect yourself - but that's another topic. I like to get about 300-400 Energy before I even think about using them somewhere else.

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      After you have 300-400 energy, you can start allotting 1 in 5 points to Defense, and, every few levels or so, allocate 2 points to Stamina - but don't go above 10 yet. Put all your job completion points to Defense too. Let Defense get to 75 points and then we'll move on.

      Why not attack? Because Attack and Defense are combined so it doesn't matter - the only reason I say focus on Defense is in case they change it later - then Defense will be more important because you can pick who you attack, but not who attacks you. Mafia size is more important than attack power. I'm going to let you go crazy with your own points once you hit 1500 energy, but for now - trust me. Attack people with 1/3 the Mafia size you have, and, as long as you have a good collection of items, you will generally win.

      Now that you have 75 defense, let's move on.

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      At this point, you want to allocate 3 points per level to Energy, 1 to Defense and 1 to Health. The goal is to keep increasing Energy, but get a little breathing room on Health - eventually you're going to want to attack people - and you don't want to have to run to the hospital every two attacks. Allocate job completion points to health as well, we want to catch up quick. Don't worry that you're not an attacking powerhouse, that will come later.

      Once you get 100 Health, you can move on.

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      Now the job is to get back to Energy and Defense. 4 points to Energy, 1 point to Defense and all job completion to Defense. Get to 1500 Energy points and you will have plenty to play with.

      At this point, it's up to you to decide what you want to do in Mafia Wars. Are you going to be a level grabber - all points to Energy. A hired gun - Stamina, Attack and Defense (you will still need Defense more than Attack to handle retaliation - and - you still can't pick who attacks you.)

      You decide - I've gotten you to a great start, now you finish the job!

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