How to Sell to a Scrap Yard


A scrap yard is a type of recycling center that purchases unwanted metals from individuals. The scrap yard then sells their large collection of metals to refineries for a profit. You can make a few extra dollars by utilizing these scrap yards to get rid of any junk metal that you own or have collected.

  • Call your local scrap yard and request a list of metals or items they are currently accepting. They may even have this list available for you online. These items may include aluminum cans, appliances, trampolines and old cars. This will save you from having to unload any metals that the scrap yard is not paying for.

  • Bag your scrap metal and deliver it to an employee at the scrap yard facility closest to you. The employee will place it on a scale and give you an offer based on the current going rate for the metal. This is the ideal method if you only have a few small metal items to sell.

  • Fill the back of your truck with metals that the scrap yard facility is currently accepting. Drive to the scrap yard and place your vehicle on the scale. The scrap yard will weigh your truck with the metals in it. Remove the metals from your truck where the employee designates, and place your car back on the scale. The current weight of your truck will be subtracted, revealing the weight of the metals themselves. The employee will then make an offer to purchase your metals.

  • Request a roll-off bin if you have a continuous supply of scrap metal to get rid of. The scrap yard will drop off the bin and pick it up on a regular basis. A check will be mailed to you for the going rate of the metal after the metal has been weighed at the scrap yard facility.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some scrap yards will pick up your unwanted metals, but they often charge a fee for this service.
  • The scrap yard employee will inspect the metals on your truck to make sure you did not slip anything in that they are not currently paying for. You will then be required to remove the unacceptable items before the truck can be weighed.

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