How to dominate at the World War iPhone app


Get on the fast track to dominating your World War enemies and gain alliances by following these tips and tricks in Storm8's World War iPhone application.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone of course
  • World War app
  • Plenty of time to devote to growing your character and dominating your enemies
  • Alliance building 101
    In order to achieve success at this game you need to enlist some help from your friends through alliances. Start building your alliances early, this is a networking skill that you either have now or will use later in life. Use the resources available to you in the game and outside to network and gain alliances. One of the easiest ways is to Google World War alliance codes and enter them. Some groups use iPhone instant messenger apps like Palringo to connect off-network and plan and scheme. Later on when you've built up your alliance, you can be more selective and remove non-hackers who don't cut the mustard. Tip: Go to the sanctions page and scroll down to the big dogs 100 + level (lvl) or more and find their codes. This will also lead you down a rabbit hole if you're not careful so stay on target and look for the big dog codes only. Meet allies with similar views and hobbies and leave your code on their comms (comment area under profile). You'll naturally be attracted to individuals with similar military experience, associations or country of origins. Be advised this leaves a trail for others to add you, but also a way to sanction you (more on sanctions later).

  • Don't buy the store
    Missions are boring but you do need them early on to progress through the game. Find two or three missions that are productive and concentrate on those units. In the meantime save your money for buildings that will produce income. Your goal is to always keep the two strongest units of defense and attack in each category. Example: Only keep Medics and Grenadiers in ground units. You've heard the saying cash is king, and World War by Storm8 is no different.

    Bank your cash, bank your cash, and bank your cash. A Ten percent deposit fee is nothing compared to being sanctioned and losing everything you have. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, just to bank my cash. You'll get paid every hour at the same time so take note of that and deposit your cash as soon as possible. If you leave it out there SOMEONE WILL TAKE IT. Set an alarm if you've been sanctioned lately or farmed (repeatedly being attacked by the same person or alliance because your cash is always available). Shut'em down early and people will get tired of attacking you and not gaining any cash in return (think risk reward).

  • Sanctions make the world go round
    The sanction feature is a great way to network and progress through the game really fast. Having kills on your World War profile will give you some street credibility when potential allies or group leaders look at your profile. I've even had players sanction me and ten minutes later ask me for a truce or invitation to join their alliance. It's a way to meet and greet in a masculine kinda way. "Hey I just sanctioned you, but I'm really just trying to befriend you". Sanctions are also a great way to show your loyalty to a higher ranked player. When a leader bcs (broadcasts) a 666666 or sanction on somebody and you respond, you're now on their radar.

    That's what this game is all about, building your alliance while you wait to bank your cash. Tip: Look for a sanction target not more than two times your current level. If you're still building your alliance you might stay 1 or 2 levels above but nothing more. Example Say you're a level 10, don't attack anyone on the sanction list whose 20+ or you're going to lose. Sanctions don't always get killed on the first attack, so you can sneak in a lot of times and finish somebody off. Tip: Wait patiently for your target by attacking players from your home country, this isn't allowed in sanctions so you're essentially refreshing the sanction list without leaving the page. This works great on the Edge network or a high latency wifi connection.

  • Kick back, bank your cash and respond to sanction requests by your allies. Take care and see you at level 200!

Tips & Warnings

  • Everyday is a new day, don't carry sanction wars into the next day. Have a short memory and control your blood sugar.
  • If you're sanctioned, sanction the person back at least once no mater what.
  • Go to the sanctions page and scroll down to the big dogs 100 + level (lvl) or more and find their codes.
  • Your goal is to always keep the two strongest units defense and attack in each category.
  • Look for a sanction target not more than two times your current level.
  • This game is very addictive, have fun and remember it is just a game.
  • Photo Credit World War™ is Copyright © 2009 Storm8 LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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