How to Visit a Website being Blocked by a Firewall at School or Work

So you're using a computer at work, school, or some other public place with an internet firewall. You're trying to get to a website, but the site is being blocked by a firewall and telling you that you do not have access to it. This can be extremely annoying, especially if you are trying to visit a legitimate website that you need to use for work. Modern firewalls block even the most seemingly innocent sites. So how do you easily get around or bypass a firewall? Luckily, there is a simple and fast way to do it.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet Access


    • 1
      Command Prompt

      Click Start-->All Programs-->Accessories-->Command Prompt

      Note: Alternatively, in Windows XP you can get to Command Prompt by clicking Start-->Run then typing "cmd". Similarly, in Windows Vista you can access command prompt buy clicking Start then searching "cmd"

    • 2

      When command prompt opens, type "ping" (no quotes) and then the URL of the website you are trying to reach then press enter.

      Ex: ping

    • 3
      IP Address

      Take note of the IP address of the website you just pinged.

    • 4

      Enter the IP address into the address bar of your web browser and press enter.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you cannot access command prompt because of administrative settings on the computer, you can often search for the IP address of the site you are attempting to reach on Google. Ex: Search "ip address youtube"
  • This method will not work for all firewalls and websites
  • Use at your own risk. It is most likely against company or school policy to view sites that are restricted by a firewall.
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