How to Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

One of the greatest health problems our nation faces is what high cholesterol does to our bodies. Although some individuals may suffer from high cholesterol due to heredity most people with a high cholesterol count have this due to poor eating habits. You do not want your blood vessels blocked due to high cholesterol levels from eating the wrong foods. It is a good idea to limit the amount of items you eat that are saturated with fat. You want to control the amount of salt you eat, the amount of fatty meats and butter you consume. Fried foods should be kept to a minimum as well as most baked goods. In this article I will give you some pointers for what you should do to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.


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      First, eat lots of fruits and vegetables monitor the amounts of fatty meats and fish you eat. Choose to eat low fat dairy products and make sure you broil and bake your food instead of frying. When preparing foods be careful with sauces many of them are very high in fats. Salads with dressings is another type of food you eat thinking they are healthyy and instead you end up eating a great deal of fats. Read labels before you buy anything to check for fats.

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      Second, keep busy, make sure you keep your body moving. You want to try and maintain a healthy weight and keep to a regular exercise routine. High cholesterol usually goes hand in hand with obesity.

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      Third, don't smoke if you smoke stop and if you don't, it is not a good idea to start for whatever your reason may be. Smoking weakens the walls of the arteries and makes them more prone to the build up of cholesterol.

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