How to Fix "Disk Read Error Has Occurred"

It is not unusual to see an error message appear while using Microsoft Windows; however, "Disk read error has occurred" is one of the more complex errors. This error will occur when using Winnt32.exe to try and reinstall Windows XP on a hard drive that already has Windows XP and Windows Vista residing on the drive. Luckily, there is a way to fix this issue without too much trouble.


    • 1

      Launch Winnt32.exe. Do this by clicking "My Computer," then the "C:" drive, and select folder "i386." Navigate to file "Winnt32.exe" and double-click it.

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      Hit any key when the Windows Setup page appears. It will ask you to press any key if you want to continue.

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      Select "Launch Setup" instead of the "boot legacy operating system." It is the boot legacy option that has been creating the "disk read error." Once you have selected "Launch Setup," follow the remaining prompts to complete the reinstallation. The error message will now no longer appear.

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