How to Stop Being Angry

People may allow anger to consume their every thought, other times it happens even if a person does not want it too. Anger is a negative feeling and most of the time it is hard to control what one feels, some may need anger management. Ironically, if you want to be happy you are unable to because old anger may be getting in the way and sometimes this makes you more angry than you were in the first place.


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      Spend time alone to sort your feelings for a self curing anger management technique. Allow yourself to feel anger that needs to be felt. If you spend to much time expressing yourself to another person you may pick up their thoughts and emotions on the matter that is making you feel so angry. Get in touch with what you feel in order to get over being mad.

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      Anger's Aftermath

      Express yourself. If anger has been inside you, bottled and unable to be expressed it may be impossible to be happy. Pick up a notebook, and start writing to aide in your self curing anger management sessions. If you feel silly expressing yourself writing to no one, then address the notebook as, "Dear Mr. Notebook." Sometimes having someone to express yourself too helps, it may be more comfortable writing thoughts and emotions in a place that no one will ever see. Words may not seem to make the difference you were hoping for. Perhaps word vomit has reared it's ugly face one to many times. Look for another outlet for your anger management. Painting, running, or other physical activities may help you to express the rage that is stored inside of you.

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      Let it go. Do not repeatedly play the events that have angered you. You may develop a numbness to the events, but this does not necessarily mean that you are achieving a happier state of mind. Let it go.

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      Trust yourself. Do not deny your feelings. If you have felt the rage and anger, you have felt it for a reason. Do not doubt yourself, you are who you are. Once you have excepted yourself, you may be able to achieve the happiness that you have been longing to achieve using your own anger management techniques.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you can not handle the anger yourself, look into attending a anger management class where trained professionals will be there to support and help you.
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